“CARLO PAYÉS THE NEW VOICE”payes lunario 1

French-Mexican CARLO PAYES, due to his French roots, Is born In Mexico City.

The Payes Duhalt, who came from the Town of MAL BOUZON In the region of LOZERE, are his Mattern Family. they were born In France and came to Mexico to work on the treatment of gold and fine metals. The last name DUHALT comes from the region of BAYONA.

CARLO PAYES Its a humble person, quiet, thoughtful, and sensible to the needs of the  people, he Is an incorregible romantic.

About his Music, He Is really versatil, he would play and enjoy Soul, Classic Music, Smooth Jazz, a nice balad, a tasty Reggae, an exciting Salsa, as well as a good Rock and Roll, Urban Reggaeton, Hard Rock or A Sensitive R&B.

He Thinks that the most important thing In life, Its to do what you love the most, with quality and performed with joy from the heart.


CARLO PAYES Its a man of faith. A family man that thinks that friendship Is the most Important value of humanity.

A young man and a peaceful man, that for no reason accepts any type of violence, agression or any kind of humiliation.

CARLO PAYES Music its the fusion of many genders. He enjoys to listen and perform, both In English and Spanish, as he speaks both languages. He can go from BIGBAND JAZZ to POP all the way to MARIACHI-POP.

His albums

Carlo Payes had recorded through his entire career, 3 albums; The Journey And The Arrival and Jazz & More.

The Arrival, which was his first record, develops a variety of genders such as Jazz and Bossanova, Power Ballad, R&B, Latin Pop, and Pop. All In Spanish and one theme In Spanglish (A Mi Manera-My Way).

The second album called Journey, Its a fabulous tribute to the biggest and greatest themes of The American Song Book, or as we called It “The Amazing Standards”. Collecting the best hits of the greatest Crooners such as Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, and Bobby Darin, among others. having one theme In Spanish,” Hasta Que Vuelvas”, made famous by Gualberto Castro.

Carlo Is now producing his 3rd album, “Jazz & More” which Is his first work as a Songwriter. where he adventures on diferent genders, such as Mariachi-Pop, Disco, Funk, and others. but never forgetting the one that has made him famous and recogniced through his carrer, The Bigband. Acomplishing he says “my best work till now”. Giving us an eclectic, ellegant, powerful and romantic album. available now In all Digital Stores and Spotify.

He had created an extraction from the album “Journey” and made an special edition which compilates all the American Song Book Hits that you love, and named It “Bigband Ellegance Vol. 1.” which is the first of many to come from the same gender.

awards and biggest performances

Carlo Payes, who in all his productions shows a personal and fresh style, mixed with his privilieged sweet and romantic voice and a great charisma that connects inmediatly with the live audience, had achieved many recognitions and sold out Shows such as:

  • Named by The Bbc of London,” The First Choice for Music and Artistic Revelation

He has many Tv Shows and Radio Stations Programs appearences, along the Republic of Mexico, and made A special presentation for The Teleton In Queretaro in front of an audience of 5000 people.

His most important live performances in Mexico:


• Teatro de La Ciudad Two Times, Sold Out

• Lunario del Auditorio Nacional, Sold Out

  (Just to Mention A Few)

All his repertoire its focused on the ones that are capable of living love and unlove, Ilusions and disappointmens, which Is why Its dedicated to all the youngsters, young adults and more.

Due to his versatility, his voice and musical proyect, his audience and fans are of all ages, and social status.

CARLO PAYES Is now doing a Media Tour through Miami, to promote his next concerts, scheduled to be on November and December of 2016 In Miami and soon all arround the U.S.A.